• The UreTron has undergone over a year of testing by industry veterans at leading lithotripsy institutions. See the AUA whitepaper.
  • The UreTron features a wide range of flexible, semi-flexible, and rigid probes types for all case types.


  • Uretron receives U.S. FDA Approval for the Uretron Ultrasonic Lithotripsy system.
  • Med-Sonics embarks on next generation product development to revolutionize the use of ultrasonic technologies and techniques for cardiovascular applications.


Meet The Inventors

The co-founders of Med-Sonics have dedicated their lives to advanced medical device development. Shu Du and Tao Song were principle engineers designing traditional/legacy ultra-sonic devices as well as working on projects such as the Mars Rover ultra-sonic drill before deciding to embark on a journey to create the world's most flexible and powerful ultra-sonic lithotripter.

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MED-SONICS is actively pursuing distributor relationships for our innovative devices.  If you are a local or international distributor, and have interest in carrying our product line and supporting consumables, we would love to hear from you.


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